Application Features

VIN Scanner

Easily scan any vehicle's VIN number using your device

Condition Reporting

Vehicle information and condition are clearly visible for easy trading

Private Dealer to Dealer Chat

VIN Trades is dedicated to privacy. All chats are encrypted and only you can see them

Vehicle Trading Interface

Intuitive layout to track bids, vehicle activity, messages and offers

Make, Receive, & Accept Offers

The app makes it easy for you to make, receive and accept offers

Vehicle Display Page

In one place access CarFax, MMR, Condition Reports, Offers, Chats and Activity

Unrestricted Networking

Create a private network of dealers and share your vehicle information directly

Login with CarFax

Use your CarFax credentials to get a history report for every vehicle

VIN Scanner

Easily scan VIN Numbers using your device

No more emailing a VIN! Simply scan VIN numbers to add vehicles. Create condition reports with images and you’re ready share it with any number of dealers on your network. In one place receive and make offers, your dealers can bid with all the important vehicle information that’s needed to accurately price and bid cars, making deal making a cinch! 

Condition Reports

Detailed Vehicle Condition Reporting Modules Built In

Reporting the condition of a vehicle is a tedious and time-consuming process for auto dealers. To simplify this process, we created two reporting options. The first collects only the most critical information such as overall damage, scratches, and repair costs. The second allows dealers to report the details of every damaged panel and attach photos.

Dealer to Dealer Chat

Get instant notification of dealer offers and messages.

VIN Trades is the all in one application to communicate and price cars. You get instant, in-app notifications of dealer offers, inquiries and bids.  Never lose track of your deal flow again!

Vehicle Trading Interface ​

Unleash the power of VIN Trades to network and reach new dealers

Create a profile and get to work on VINTrades. Buy and sell vehicles before ever reaching the auction. With VIN Trades, you can look at more cars directly from dealers, bid your vehicles and grow your network.

Make, Receive, & Accept Offers

Streamline your auto trading business with the VIN Trades app!

VIN Trades is closed network trading app that helps dealers’ buy, sell, and trade cars dealer to dealer. With VIN Trades you can make, receive, & accept offers and keep track of all bids in one place with a simple and intuitive user interface.

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